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Matchbox Children's Theatre Productions

MCT Productions

The Directors name follows the title of the play

O=Original Script E=Encore Production M=Musical Production
T=Touring Production TM=Touring Production by MCT

Sleeping Beauty or the Famous Rose Taboo (M)- William Libby
Hansel & Gretel- Janet Anderson
Androcles & the Lion- Susie Richardson
King of Ice Cream Mountain- Janet Anderson
Marlin the Magnificent- Tom Honer
The Wonderful Tang- Janet Anderson
Beauty & the Lonely Beast (M)- Steven Kinney
The Dancing Donkey (M)- Susie Richardson
The Golden Grotto or Bracko, The Prince Frog (M)- Janet Anderson
The Storybook Circus Fantabulous (T)
The Pied Piper of Hamelin- James Ashcraft
Fables Here & Then- Steven Kinney
The Unwicked Witch- Janet Anderson
The Ransom of Red Chief- Robert Dudley
Winnie The Pooh (M)- Janet Anderson
The Red Shoes- David Dahlquist
The Pale Pink Dragon- Penny Kinney
Once Upon a Matchbox (O)- Penny Kinney & Janet Anderson
Sleeping Beauty or the Famous Rose Taboo (E)(M)- Dave Sampson
The Golden Goose- Cynthia Dibble Lohn
The Three Fairy Godmothers- Penny Kinney
Once Upon a Brute Beast (M)- Mike Charron
Pecos Bill & Sluefoot Sue Meet the Dirty Dan Gang- Penny Kinney
The Frog Princess & the Witch- Patrick Rasmussen
Pegora the Witch (M)- Cynthia Dibble Lohn
Nathan the Nervous/Peter & the Wolf- Penny Kinney
The Woodcutters Wishes (O)(TM)- Janet Anderson
Little Miss Christie (M)- Steven Kinney
The Alchemist’s Book- Cynthia Dibble Lohn
East of the Sun & West of the Moon- Penny Kinney
Step on a Crack- Penny Kinney
This Sight Unsuitable For Dragons- Cynthia Dibble Lohn
The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe- Steven Kinney
Charlotte’s Web- Doug Snater
Rumplestiltskin (T)
You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown (M)- Steven Kinney
Tales From The Arabian Nights- John Deyo
The Little Match Girl (M)- Penny Kinney
Starman Jones- Robert Dudley
Livin’ de Life- John Deyo
A Quest For Young Arthur- Janet Anderson
13 Bells of Boglewood- Robert Dudley
The Emperor’s New Clothes- Robert Dudley
The Great Cross-Country Race- Paul Burger
The Troll & the Elephant Prince- Kristen Rasmussen Graff
Maestro Mean’s Malevolent Scheme- Robert Dudley
A Christmas Carol (O)(M)(TM)- Steven Kinney
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?- Jerry Girton
Snow White- Jerry Girton
A Christmas Carol (O) (M) (TM)- Steven Kinney
Meet the Billy Goats Gruff (O)- Paul Burger
Once Upon a Matchbox (E) (O) (TM)- Jerry Girton
Winnie the Pooh (E) (M)- Janet Thomas
The Unwicked Witch (E)- Jerry Girton
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever- Paul Burger
The Magician’s Nephew- Janet Anderson
The Wizard’s Crystal- Paul Burger
Charlotte’s Web (E)- Janet Anderson
The Three Blossoms (O)- Robert Dudley
The Woodcutters Wishes (E) (O)- Joan Sween
The Red Shoes (E)- Janet Anderson
Pecos Bill & Sluefoot Sue Meet the Dirty Dan Gang (E)- Cynthia Lohn
The House at Pooh Corner- Cynthia Lohn
The Raven & the Robin (O) (TM)-Janet Anderson
Cinderella- Cynthia Lohn
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow- David Dahlquist
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (E) (M)- Cynthia Lohn
The Golden Grotto or Bracko, The Prince Frog (E) (M)- Janet Anderson
Lady Dithers Ghost (M)- Janet Thomas
The Elves & the Shoemaker- Carrie Parker
Penny & the Magic Medallion (M)- Janet Anderson
Puss N’ Boots- Valerie Johnson
Snow White & Rose Red- Cameron Davis
Little Miss Christie (E) (M)- Carrie Parker
Sleeping Beauty or the Famous Rose Taboo (E) (M)- Janet Anderson
Androcles & the Lion (E)- Carrie Parker
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (E)- Janet Thomas
Livin’ de Life! (E)- Cindy Lohn
Rumpelstiltskin is My Name- Carrie Parker
The Dragon of Nitt- Janet Anderson
The Christmas Angel- Janet Anderson
Miss Nelson is Missing!- Carrie Parker
Hansel & Gretel- Janet Anderson
School House Rock Live! Jr. (M)- Sarah Lenn
The Snow Queen & the Goblin- Gordy Handeland
Cinderella (E)- Carrie Parker
The Canterville Ghost- Janet Anderson
Beauty and the Beast- Gordy Handeland
Ramona Quimby- Carrie Parker
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (E) (M)- Carrie Parker & Gordy Handeland
Pippi Longstocking (M)- Angela Donovan
The Emperor's New Clothes- Janet Anderson

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